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what3words is a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares.

Each square has a 3 word address that can be communicated quickly, easily and with no ambiguity.

"Addressing has just got easier."
Jack Dangermond

The handling and specifying of location is one of the key interfaces between GIS professionals and their customers. However, human unfriendly or inaccurate reference systems result in errors and inefficiencies. This hampers the growth and application of geographic data. what3words can help.

what3words is a global grid of 3mx3m squares where each square has been pre-allocated with a fixed and unique 3 word address. Easy to remember and communicate, this human friendly version of coordinates is now available as a locator accessible within the ArcGIS platform.

The what3words locator allows you to show the 3 word address for any location, and also enter a 3 word address and see its location on any map, individually or in groups via coordinate batch conversion.

Available online or offline, anywhere in the world, the locator can be configured at an organization level making it available to your team and customers across the entire ArcGIS platform.

Easy and user-friendly addressing can help drive the adoption of geospatial data across entire organizations, between companies and to the public at large.

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